Perseverance: Life Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork

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By Marc Trestman with Ross Bernstein

Forewords by: Rich Gannon, Bernie Kosar & Joe Theismann

Pages: 280 (Paperback)

Price: $19.95

*A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book proudly benefits the Marc & Cindy Trestman Foundation for Alzheimer’s research.

About The Book

The inspirational story of Marc Trestman comes to life in the pages of Perseverance, a poignant yet heart-warming motivational-biography that will challenge you to achieve heights you never dreamed possible. For more than three decades now, Marc has been on a football odyssey of sorts in which he has coached with eight NFL franchises, two NCAA Division I programs, and another in the Canadian Football League, where he won a Grey Cup championship in 2009 as the head coach of the Montreal Alouettes. Along the way, Marc has seen the best and worst of times as it relates to winning and losing at the highest levels of the game. Through his associations and friendships with countless coaches and players, he has amassed a travelogue of life lessons that will not only capture your imagination, they will change your perspective and outlook on life. Mixed in between Marc's unique ideologies and philosophies on team-building, trust and leadership, are anecdotes, quotes, funny stories, and nuggets of wisdom which provide a unique insight into the secrets of his success. Marc's passion for helping others to be the best that they can be is a message that resonates in the locker room as well as in the board room. With it, he shows that through hard work, commitment and a positive attitude, you can overcome any obstacle or adversity in life and truly... persevere.