"I Love Sarah Palin — I Hate Sarah Palin"

By Ross Bernstein

Pages: 260 (Paperback)

Price: $14.95


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About The Book

Whether you love her or hate her, either way you’re covered in “I Love Sarah Palin – I Hate Sarah Palin.” Ross Bernstein, author of “I Love Brett Favre — I Hate Brett Favre” plays neutral narrator in this one as he chronicles one of America’s most fascinating, and controversial, pop-culture figures. This unique tongue-in-cheek flip-book features hundreds of quotes from politicians, media personalities, and comedians alike from both sides of the political aisle. These are their quotes, in their own words: this is THEIR forum. Some quotes will make you laugh while others will simply make you cringe. In addition to all the anecdotal quotes, the book is also a biographical snapshot of Palin’s life story — starting from her youth in rural Alaska and then picking up speed in 2008 when she hit the national political scene and began her meteoric rise to fame. On the “LOVE” side of the book, Palin is referred to as amazing, wonderful, fantastic, smart, brilliant, clever, beautiful, gorgeous, tough, maternal, and funny, among other “lovable” things. On the “HATE” side, meanwhile, the adjectives used to describe her are much, much different. On this side of the book you will hear from people who find her divisive, controversial, and yes, intolerable. Seemingly everybody has a strong, polarized opinion when it comes to Sarah Palin, no doubt about it, but some people just downright hate her. In fact, they hate her on a whole bunch of different levels. Yes, as you will read, some people have some serious issues. On a personal level, some people hate the fact that she’s pretty; they hate the fact that she’s charismatic; they hate the fact that she’s charming; they hate the fact that she’s insanely popular amongst her legions of loyal fans; they hate the fact that she hunts wolves from helicopters; they hate the fact that she got to star in her own reality TV series; and they hate the fact that she’s capitalized and profited, to the tune of millions of dollars, from her newly found fame. On a professional level, some people hate the fact that SHE was chosen as John McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate — as opposed to OTHER candidates who many felt were MORE qualified; they hate the fact that she comes across as “uninformed” and “uninterested” at times during national television interviews; they hate the fact that she blames the “gotcha” media for many of her public relations problems; they hate the fact that she quit her job as the governor of Alaska midway through her term; AND… they hate the fact that even though she talks about how much she loathes the media, she now serves as a political analyst and regular contributor on Fox News. While Palin haters detest most things about her, they all seem to have one thing in common though: they fear her. She may not be running for Commander in Chief any time soon, but she still reigns as the ultimate “king-maker” for Republicans and Tea Partiers alike. Sarah Palin’s a game-changer; her personality is over-the-top, and one thing is for sure… she’ll be a political force to be reckoned with for many years to come. Love her or hate her though, you will enjoy reading about one of our country’s most fascinating, interesting, and yes — polarizing people.