Slap Shot Original: The Man • The Foil • The Legend

By Dave Hanson with Ross Bernstein

Forewords by: Bob Costas & Gordie Howe

Pages: 220 (Hardcover)

Price: $24.95


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About The Book

Slap Shot ranks as one of the most popular sports movies of all time, and the bespectacled, fighting Hanson Brothers are among the most memorable characters ever spawned by the silver screen. Now, one of the brothers--real-life hockey player Dave Hanson--invites readers onto the movie set and into the rough-and-tumble world of minor-league hockey in this hysterical and highly anticipated autobiography. Follow Hanson's fascinating life from the tough neighborhoods of St. Paul, Minnesota, to Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where he played for the Jets and made hockey's greatest movie (chumming with Paul Newman and getting involved in all kinds of mischief), and on to the NHL, where his boyhood dreams were fulfilled. Hanson's story--filled with both hilarity and adversity--will make you laugh out loud and warm your heart.

From Inside Flap

Ranked as one of the greatest sports movies of all time, Slap Shot exposed the rough-and-tumble world of minor-league hockey in hilarious fashion. Nobody involved with the picture had any idea that the exploits of the fictional Charlestown Chiefs would still delight fans three decades after the film's release. Even though the movie featured Paul Newman in a memorable role, the real stars of Slap Shot were a trio of loveable long-haired goons with taped-up glasses: the Hanson Brothers, played by real-life hockey players Dave Hanson, Steve Carlson, and Jeff Carlson. Few fans realize that many of the characters and events in the movie were based on the actual experiences of Dave, Steve, and Jeff while they played for the Johnstown Jets. Now, in this highly anticipated autobiography, Dave Hanson offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of an iconic movie as well a peek at the crazy world of hockey in the 1970s. Slap Shot fans will love Hanson's hilarious stories from the movie set--starting with Paul Newman showing up unannounced at his front door to "see what a hockey player's apartment looks like"--recalling everything from filming memorable scenes to pulling endless practical jokes to drinking large amounts of beer. More fun was had behind the scenes than on the screen! Yet this book explores a lot more than the making of a movie. Hanson's tale is also one of chasing a dream and discovering the important things in life, while also having a lot of fun. A master storyteller, Hanson never fails to entertain, starting with tales of growing up in a tough neighborhood and discovering hockey, which gave him a much-needed sense of direction that took him to the University of Minnesota and beyond in a quest to make it to the NHL. Hanson finally made it to the game's top tier, playing for the Detroit Red Wings and Minnesota North Stars, but his journey gave him so much more: a great family, friends, and experiences that will make you laugh and touch your heart.